Custom Branded Apparel

We love helping our clients create custom branded products to include in gifts. Here are some of our favourite products to brand. Pricing for custom products will vary depending on the quantity of product you are looking to order, so to get the most accurate quote it's best to know (approximate) numbers to get a quote going. Turnaround times vary, and with the pandemic we have seen slightly longer than typical turnaround times so it's best to jump on this awesome project a bit earlier than perhaps you may have had to last yer. 

Stay cozy in these gorgeous hoodies with your company name, or slogan embroidered on the chest. 

Glass Mugs
These are our go-to-mugs for our clients, and also for when we sold our own glassware in our shop. They are heavy duty, and absolutely stunning in person. We love 

These are the same deluxe totes that we offer to our retailers, and in our own shop. They are a gorgeous gusseted base, and carry everything from groceries, library books, beach gear and overnight PJ's to the cottage.